You see in the distance across the wheat fields a fog covering what appears to be a small outpost of 3-5 buildings right next to a forest. The forest can be seen in full so it is not large, however it appears unreasonably dark and you get this uneasy feeling of someone or something is watching you approach.

As you get closer the fog feels thicker. Your bare skin starts to feel moist and a distinct stench of seaweed hits your noses. Short term madness wis save 8. You make out 5 buildings, one of which is 2 stories high. The fog being as thick as it is makes it hard to distinguish anything but the silhouettes of the buildings.

Building A

Moving up to the first building the fog is so thick that you can no longer see the other buildings. Short term madness wis save 8. The building in front of you is made of wood and you can hear and see the dripping of water from the roof into a well placed overflowing bucket below. A bunch of gardening tools lie in an unorganized pile right next to a window. The smell of seaweed is accompanied by the smell by the smell of mold, presumably from the building.

Looking in you can make out a pentry with a lot of unwashed dishes, an unmade bed and a small dining table with a man sitting by it.

Waling around you see a door hanging slightly of its hinges. Next to it a large clay pot with a bunch of decaying flowers in it.

Walking in the door creaks and the man is looking in your direction however seemingly not at you. he is taking a sip from an empty glass jug. Short term madness wis save 12. He is completely unaffected by your presence and totally unresponsive to verbal abuse. Trying to move the man he lashes out (att+2 1d4 bludgeoning dmg) in an attempt to stay in his chair.

priest: Joel Ridley. Obad hei