When passing through a trade market one of the stalls suddenly breaks, and some wood falls down unto the merchant Lars Hemmis. A few people flock him to make sure that he is OK. He suspects that this is the act of Dobber Federman. In some way he wants revenge, but does not want violence.

He asks the group to help him collect some spiderweb for him, which would give him a trade advantage over Dobber for atleast a short while.

There is a nest of large spiders north east of Anstad where you can collect this special spiderweb that is slightly better than that of the old world. And it is alot cheaper than to import it. Lars is however not capable of getting it himself.

On their way to the nest they spot a rouge, Ayla Trawenys, that is heading the same way. She is on the same quest that they are on so she bolts as soon as she sees them. The group must get there before her.