The Board is the ruling council of Anstad.

Its positions are usually filled by the powerful and wealthy. The incumbents of a seat are referred to as a trade prince.

Trade Prince of Materials

Current: Harren Ironfist

Flag: Mining Pick and Woodcutting ax crossed on a light brown background.

Trade Prince of Logistics

Current: Keivan Rosta

Flag: Ship on a light blue background with waves.

Trade Prince of Security

Current: Mukkiic

Flag: Spear and shield on a red background.

Trade Princess of Guilds

Current: Delia Yellen

Flag: Green flag containing a hammer, tong, alchemy flask and cogs.

Trade Princess of Magic

Current: Ysra Suncaller

Flag: Green Flame on a black background.

Trade Prince of Exploration

Current: Rian Gladesoar

Flag: Landscape (Mountains in the background, trees and grass)

Trade Prince of Information

Current: ????

Flag: Just a gray flag.

Trade Prince of Slaves

Current: Kaz Orim

Flag: Shackles on a purple background with a golden border.

Trade Princess of Entertainment

Current: Neyana Manforth

Flag: A yellow and black Checkers board pattern with two white theater masks, one happy and one sad.