The quest for the lost daughter.

The party is introduced to the quest by the merchant Keivan Rosta who wants to find his lost daughter Lanna Rosta.

Lanna has ran away with her loved one Chrisias Fen to Anstad. They did however stay of the main road and accidentally ran into a swamp, where they got captured by lizard folk.

Keivan Rosta has put a bounty on the quest for 200 gold if she is brought back to him.

When the party finds Lanna, she is bound with Dina Dursk and Chrisias is also bound. They are offered to help her escape her controling father for 163G if they help them to safety in anstad. The gold comes from all three of them.

On their way to Anstad, Dina offers an additional 50 gold to Audhild and slips a red potion of poison in her pocket if she can separate Lanna from Chrisias.

If they go to Keivan he will be thankful and offer 5% of their next purchase at Rostas or a "free" ride to Anstad