Albert Berg is the tinkerer. He appears in almost every city known to man. No matter where you go, you can find him. It is unclear how he is capable of doing this, if it is a teleportation spell or if he has cloned himself. He will not spill his secrets. One thing is clear though, he is aware of almost all places as if he is at all places at once.

Albert is an old trader who sells mechanical trinkets usually with some magical enhancement on them and he is truly facinated by almost everything and has a way of understanding the molecular composition of most objects.

  • 50g A mechanical bird that when released will stay in place for 1 hour, and then fly to the person who released it. Marketed as a trinket that "never gets lost".
  • 25G A music box that when played makes everyone deaf in a 15 foot radius. marketed as a trinket for when you want to be alone.